With great economic efficiency and a design
that perfectly fits the urban environment,
CEVO-C will enrich our customer lives in many ways


Chargeable with ordinary household outlets Maximum driving distance 100km
3 hours to full charge Maximum speed 80km/h


Sensuous design which redounds the character
and colorful impressions of CEVO-C


CEVO-C perfected the Micro e-Mobility
from a slim body line to a unique silhouette
and vivid color, and functions that show delicacy

Front view

The front line completed with
wide windshield and oblique lines,
headlamps with an agile look

Rear view

A small but stable ratio,
the hatchback style rear with storage space

Side view

Elegant frameless door,
Drives safely in all weather,
regardless of rain or snow

Hill-Start Assist Control Function

Applied the hill start assist algorithm
which maintains the braking force for a while
when the vehicle stops on a slope


Enjoy driving with CEVO-C,
which presents you with convenient space
that perfectly suits your needs

Push-Button Gear

Button type gears that can be easily operated with the hand and the broad use of space in the driver’s seat and the passenger seat


Cluster that shows the speed, remaining travel distance, and battery condition

Console box

Careful concerns for convenience through the console box on the passenger side

Air conditioning

Air conditioning and heating system for a comfortable electric vehicle experience all year round

Cup holder

Cup holder in the center for user convenience


CEVO-C offers best-in-class safety based on
upgraded technological strengths



Length Width Height Front / Rear track Wheelbase
2,430 1,425 1,550 1,250
/ 1,225
1,250 /1,225


Battery type From 0 to 100% Capacity Charging method
Lithium ion 3 hours 8 kWh Slow charging / 220V


Maximum power
Maximum torque
16 120


Front tyres Rear tyres Suspension
Suspension (Front)
Suspension (rear)
Brake Gradability
155/70 R12 155/70 R12 Mac- Pherson Rigid Axle 4-Wheel Disc 20˚ (36.4%)