Based on our advantages differentiated vehicle
safety and quality enabled through our own technological strength
we will be the people’s car for Micro e-Mobility,
leading the added innovative lifestyle  value to the market

President & CEO
Park Young-tae


This is CEO of Cammsys, Park Young-tae.
Thank you for visiting our company's website.

Cammsys, a company with the best technology and competency!

Cammsys, since launching in 1993 for semi-conductor equipment business, advanced into a camera module business for mobile phones in 2003.
Currently, we are a renowned leading manufacturer of camera modules producing 20 million camera modules monthly at our production corporations in Vietnam.
Recently, based on our accumulated technology in the area of camera module, we have expanded the business area to biometrics security solutions, electric vehicles and related core parts to secure the future growth momentum.

Implementing solid growth through manpower!

Cammsys has strived to build the competency of employees based on the company's management philosophy so called 'Man is the center of the growth of a company but also is the core who leads the growth of business'. Cammsys created the center of opportunities for each and every employee through communication and empathy to have grown step by step.

Implementing unlimited values through challenge and innovation!

Cammsys will continue to create profits through innovation and challenge without settling for the current performance, and promise to put the best efforts to maximize shareholders' values and realize the profit distribution with stakeholders.

We ask for your encouragement toward Cammsys, the company that grows continuously with passion and belief.

Thank you.